Study Group – Budget Cuts, Better Schools and You, Oct 24, 2012

Monday, October 24 at 7:00 PM

This program is of interest to anyone making educational decisions, and for all of us who consider educating our children, grandchildren, and all of Dallas‘ children vital to the health and economy of our city and nation.

Patti Keiker, Deputy Superintendent for RISD, and Regina Nippert, Executive Director of Dallas Faith Communities Coalition, will address our group on vital information about the current state of public schools in Dallas and surrounding areas.

Topics will include: What do the recent legislative budget cuts really mean and how will it impact our schools in real life? Do officials expect additional cuts in the near future, and what might they mean? What are Dallas and surrounding area public schools doing to ensure our children will receive an education that will allow them to be competitive and ready for college and beyond? What can parents do to maximize opportunities and minimize deficiencies in Dallas area public schools?

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