Action Network

Grassroots advocacy is individuals committed to influencing positive changes in their lives, their communities, and in their elected governments by making their opinions known. Getting involved means calling, writing a letter, sending an email, or even visiting your elected representatives who serve you in Washington, DC, and in your state. You CAN make changes happen.

Advocacy is vital to NCJW’s mission. Our founder, Hannah G. Solomon, envisioned NCJW as an organization that would empower its members to “go into to the world and do what their convictions demand.” Greater Dallas Section offers several opportunities for members to continue the NCJW tradition of speaking out to ensure individual and civil rights and enhance the lives of women, children and families. Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a curious novice in the activist arena, do what your convictions demand and become part of the Action Network.

Become a hands-on advocate and join the Action Network! This will help you become better informed about the issues important to us as NCJW members. We welcome – and need – your support! Give a few minutes of your time to contact your legislators to inform them of your position on hot button issues. We’ll e-mail the issues to you so you can easily take action.

Join now!

To join, all you need is an email address and the desire to make your voice heard on a variety of critical issues. When important legislation or other governmental action is pending at the state or national levels, we will provide online, concise background information and suggested messages to send to the appropriate official(s) via email, phone, or fax. Sign up for action alerts.

Keep informed of current issues at the National level by visiting www.ncjw.org.


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