Join Us March 24th for the 2015 Spring Meeting on Internet Safety for You and Your Family

springmeeting_logoMark your calendar for the 2015 Spring Meeting on March 24th. We are excited to present a highly relevant and important topic, “Why internet safety matters to you and the ones you love.”

When most people think of internet crimes, they think of pedophiles and the danger they pose to children. Although sexual abuse facilitated by the internet is a serious issue, statistically the majority of crimes committed online are non-sexual in nature and are perpetrated against mature adults.

Join us on March 24th at 9:30 a.m. to learn about vital computer safeguards so that you can protect yourself and loved ones when utilizing the vast resources of the internet. The event will be held at a private home; tickets are $18 and include snacks. The location of the event will be provided on your ticket receipt. To register, click on this link.

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