Forum on Women’s Health

Dr. Winfred Parnell, Kelly Hart, Jaquielynn Floyd, Susan Hayes

NCJW Dallas convened a Forum on Women’s Health Issues in Texas with expert and articulate panelists:

Dr. Winfred Parnell, Ob/Gyn and member of the Parkland Health & Hospital System’s Board of Managers.

Kelly Hart, Director of Public Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas

Jacquielynn Floyd, Metro Columnist for the Dallas Morning News

Attorney Susan Hays served as moderator.

The political climate and recent legislation have combined to deprive women, especially poor women, of many basic female health and family planning needs. The purpose of the forum was to better educate us about what is happening and to suggest actions we might take to mitigate the many negative effects of what many consider a “war on women”.

According to Dr. Parnell, the Affordable Care Act has begun bringing additional services to poor women at Parkland Hospital, but we cannot be sure such benefits will continue. Kelly Hart described massive closings of Planned Parenthood facilities throughout Texas, leaving thousands of women without basic female healthcare. Jacquielynn Floyd said there is certainly a war on Planned Parenthood and women’s reproductive rights. To date, damages from this war include government legislated interference in the relationship between a woman and her doctor and limitations on access to affordable and effective contraceptives.

The meeting took place at the Dallas JCC and was chaired by Julie Lowenberg and Marlene Cohen.

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