Effective Communication with Your Teens/Young Adults, April 16, 7:30 p.m.

A WACHS (Women’s Access to Comprehensive Health Services) meeting is planned for April 16 at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Taryn Daniels.

Dr. Laura Scalfano will speak on “Effective Communication with Your Teens/Young Adults: Guiding your children through tough choices.”

Scalfano directs Windhaven Adolescent & Sports Medicine and is a board-certified pediatrician who specializes in the care of adolescents and young adults. She serves on the faculty of UTSouthwestern Medical Center as a clinical professor of pediatrics and lectures locally and nationally on topics pertaining to adolescent medicine. She serves on the board of the Jim Utley Foundation, a non-profit organization​ which promotes education and awareness about the dangers of recreational drug use. She is an ImPACT-certified medical provider for Presbyterian Hospital’s Sports Medicine and head concussion management program.

The talk is suggested for all members with adolescent children, as well as grandparents with adolescent grandchildren. Bring your friends.

To learn more about Dr. Scalfano and Windhaven Adolescent & Sports Medicine, access www.windhaventeens.com

RSVP to Amy Schachter, amyishappy@gmail.com

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