NCJW celebrated its 100th Birthday with a full year of events! What a thrilling year it was to be an active member of NCJW, Greater Dallas!

  • 100th Birthday Luncheon
  • 100 New Members Challenge
  • Centennial History exhibits and a professional video
  • Publication of a book, recounting our history in Dallas
  • A Centennial quilt, displayed at the Centennial History Exhibits
  • Special Shabbat blessing by the clergy of Temple Emanu-El followed by a festive Shabbat dinner
  • Day of Service
  • Study groups and special events slotted into each month of the Centennial calendar
  • An NCJW Chanukah Party at which we will kindle 100 menorahs, watch as the lights increase in brightness with each lit candle, and shine with pride in the accomplishments of NCJW’s 100 years in Dallas


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