Hannah G. Solomon Award

The Hannah G. Solomon Award is presented to an individual:

  • who has strong NCJW identity and has changed the lives of others through her leadership efforts and service
  • who has helped change and expand the role of women in vital areas of community life
  • whose leadership in areas of NCJW concern-improving the quality of life for people of all ages and backgrounds – has motivated others to work for change, and has resulted in progress and enlightenment in the community

Past Recipients of the Hannah G. Solomon Award

1976 Fannie Kahn*
1978 Elsa Hirsch*, Dorothy Jacobus*, Marguerite Marks*, Rosine Olff*
1979 Anita Marcus
1980 Edna Cohen*
1982 Bette Miller, Janet Newberger*
1983 Lorraine Schein*
1984 Sylvia Benenson
1985 Pat Peiser, Jeanne Fagadau, Emme Sue Frank*
1983 Sara Waldman*
1989 Gerry Beer*
1990 Hortense Sanger*
1991 Annette Strauss*
1992 Shirley Tobolowsky
1993 Katherine Bauer
1994 Joy Mankoff
1995 Brenda Brand
1997 Janice Sweet
1998 Ann Sikora*
1999 Marsha Fischman
2000 Phyllis Bernstein
2001 Beverly Tobian
2002 Madeline Unterberg
2004 Edna Flaxman*
2005 Julie Lowenberg
2006 Darrel Strelitz
2007 Joni Cohan
2008 Sharan and Lynn Goldstein
2009 Myra Fischel, Suzi Greenman
2010 Kathy Freeman
2011 Adlene Harrison
2012 Pauline Kress, Carmen Miller Michael*
2014 Jody Platt
2015 Marlene Cohen
2016 Cheryl Pollman

* deceased


Janis Levine Music “Make-A-Difference” Award

The Janis Levine Music “Make-A-Difference” Award is presented to an individual who:

  • has had a long-term commitment to NCJW
  • has made a unique contribution to NCJW, Greater Dallas Section
  • personifies voluntarism at its best, with characteristics such as enthusiasm and energy, willingness to work without personal recognition and making a difference wherever he or she serves
  • honors the memory of Janis Levine Music, a person who gave of herself with dignity and kindness of spirit

Past Recipients of the Janis Levine Music Make-A-Difference Award

1993 Felice Horwits
1994 Murray Benenson
1995 Barbara Rabin
1996 Barbara Rose
1997 Carol Wadel
1998 Claire Lee Epstein*
1999 Dorothy Roder
2000 Tom Timmons
2001 Helen Stern
2002 Celia Schoenbrun
2003 Sue Tilis
2004 Jill Stone*
2005 Sharlene Block*
2006 Rita Doyne
2007 Cheryl Pollman
2008 Rhona Streit
2009 Phyllis Somer
2010 Linnie Katz
2011 Saralynn Busch
2012 Randi Smerud
2014 Yolanda Clark*
2015 Stacy Barnett
2016 Nancy Kasten

* deceased

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award is presented to an individual who:

  • has the potential for assuming future Section leadership
  • understands and supports the NCJW purpose and programs
  • demonstrates commitment to the Section
  • currently serves on Section Board, has served less than 5 years, or is currently chairing a committee or serving as an officer

Past Recipients of the Emerging Section Leader Award

1985 Ellen Silverman
1987 Elise Gold*
1989 Sally Regenbogen
1991 Sherry Goldberg, Marcy Grossman
1995 Paula Jacobs, Julie Bleicher
1996 Randi Smerud
1997 Linnie Katz
1998 Becky Bruder, Mimi Johnson
1999 Saralynn Busch
2000 Staci Mankoff
2001 Cathy Brook, Cynthia Feldman
2002 Sondra Perkins, Beth Brand Stromberg
2003 Sheryl Fields Bogen
2004 Lauren Busch, Melanie Rubin
2005 Karen Mellow Stock
2006 Stacy Barnett
2007 Karen Naseck
2008 Marla Bane
2009 Terry Greenberg
2010 Felise Leidner
2011 Joyce Klein Goldberg, Debra Levy-Fritts
2012 Caren Edelstein
2014 Jayme Cohen
2015 Stacy Blank
2016 Amy Schachter

* deceased

Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a recipient who has dedicated his or her life to a worthy cause that has made an impact on society or the lives of others.

Past Recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award

2015 Patricia Peiser
2016 Bette Miller

* deceased

Pioneering Partner Award

The Pioneering Partner Award is presented to an individual (not an NCJW member) and/or an organization in recognition of:

  • Major contributions to the Dallas community consistent with NCJW’s mission and initiatives
  • Strong leadership in bringing together and working with diverse groups and individuals
  • personifies voluntarism at its best, with characteristics such as enthusiasm and energy, willingness to work without personal recognition and making a difference wherever he or she serves
  • Motivating others in the community to strive for social justice

Past Recipients of the Pioneering Partner Award
2011 Central Dallas Ministries
2012 Cecilia Boone
2013 Vickery Meadow Learning Center
2014 North Texas Food Bank
2015 Vanna Slaughter
2016 NTARuPT


NCJW is Honored


  • 1987: Women’s Council of Dallas County Distinguished Service Award (member organization category)
  • 1994: Child Care Group – Marriott Interdivisional Business Council (for work related to National Day of the Working Parent)
  • 1998: Community Council of Greater Dallas Excellence in Human Services Programming Award (for HIPPY)
  • 2007: Center for Nonprofit Management Excellence in Mission Award (for Kids in Court project)
  • 2011: NCJW, Inc. Vision for America Award (for Food + Fit = Fun)
  • 2013: Women’s Council of Greater Dallas Distinguished Service Award (member organization category)
  • 2016: Irving ISD Golden Apple Award for HIPPY
  • 2016: Ebby Award from Our Friends Place


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